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Did you know...

ArgoFlex urethane textile films are specified by laminators around the world for their consistent recipe & gauge control, lay-flat, cleanness, processability & overall performance.


Textile laminators and specifiers of waterproof-breathable films around the world look to Argotec for consistency above all else. And they find it in the ArgoFlex line of polyurethane film & sheet.

  • Consistency of film recipe from one batch to the next.
  • Consistency of film thickness from one part of the roll to another due to digital in-line gauge control.
  • Consistency of cleanness and overall quality from digital, state-of-the-art, photographic inspection systems.
  • Consistency of processability in the laminator's production operation.
  • Consistency of lay-flat to minimize voids and bubbles in the laminating process.
  • Consistency of the films' physical properties and overall performance characteristics.


Add all that to Argotec's ability and willingness to custom engineer just the right film to meet the specific needs of your application, and the result is a level of product and service that contributes to a consistency of value unequalled in the urethane film industry.

It's no wonder ArgoFlex urethane films are fast becoming the first choice of textile designers and laminators around the world.


Thin or thick, gloss or matte, aliphatic or aromatic, polyester or polyether−Argotec offers a full line of high-performance polyurethane films for just about any textile lamination application. Following are a few examples of successful uses of these rugged and reliable films.

  • Industrial & protective clothing.
  • Waterproof-breathable performance apparel, footwear & gloves.
  • Buoyancy compensators for scuba divers.
  • Hazmat suits & containment devices.
  • Bullet-resistant vests.
  • Hospital mattresses.
  • Automotive seating.
  • Balloons & parachutes.
  • Life vests and rafts.
  • Marine seating & tarping.


Argotec offers the finest waterproof-breathable films in the industry.  Ideal for hi-performance apparel and footwear, they are cast on polyethylene, polyester or paper carriers in thicknesses 0.5-6.0 mils and widths up to 68 inches.  Mid-performance waterproof-breathable films are available without carrier in thickness of 0.8 mils or greater.  For the full story, click here or on the link ArgoFlex waterproof-breathable films at the left of this page.


Engineers at the Argotec Innovation Center stand ready to interact with process engineers at the customer's location to ensure that all ArgoFlex films perform properly in their production processes. They are also available to test the newest resins, engineer distinct formulations, and to troubleshoot both new and existing applications.

The durability, UV and chemical resistance of ArgoFlex textile films makes them ideal for marine, hazmat, or a variety of other protective applications.

Matte-surfaced, polyester-based ArgoFlex urethane films are used to laminate multiple layers of fabric together, creating a super-strong, impact resistant textile composite.

Breathable, protective ArgoFlex urethane films add puncture, abrasion, and chemical resistance to fabrics to which they are bonded.